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The first step is making a reservation, even if you are just a few players.

Groups of 6 or more can book an outing for almost any day light hours. Semi Private areas for up to 3 groups at a time are available for as many as 100 players at a time! 

Groups of less than 6 are welcome to call or email us for times we can fit them in. Those calls or emails will be returned regularly with dates and times which become available. If we are already out working with another group, 6 or less can play on their own or ask to be incorporated into an existing booking.

Upon check-in, you are provided the equipment you need to play. This includes either the standard Tippmann F-12 marker of the F-50 low impact marker, paintballs and mask. Your group will be assigned a field marshal who will provide the rules, show how to play and use the equipment safely, assist in making the teams and ensures all players are safe on each field during play.

Extra Paintballs:

+$8     Extra 100 Paintballs

+$16  Extra 200 Paintballs

Can purchase extra in-between matches

Session Times:

Typical outing last for 1.5-2.5 hours. In that time a player will likely use between 300-500 paintballs.

No outside paint permitted. Advanced booking only. Dates filling fast.

The total cost for any player can only be determined at the end of an event.

Totals for play vary depending on how much paint an individual uses.

Purchase Using: Debit (Interac), Mastercard, Visa and/or Cheque.

$32 Base Play Package Includes

Tippman F-12 Gun/

Tippman F-50 Gun

Paintball Mask

300 Paintballs

- More Available 

Unlimited Air Refills


Standard play offers the heart pounding exhilaration that most competitive players seek. No other projectile elimination sport compares to that of .68 Caliber Paintball. If you are prepared to embrace the "Smack", see what we offer in terms of marker options below.


Masks for paintball  must be approved for use and will be stamped as such.  Non-approved masks can be very dangerous, your eyes cannot be replaced. We have a very stringent process for cleaning our rental masks. 


Paintball Guns come in a variety of styles. When choosing a paintball gun, you want a paintball marker that offers the performance and features that suit your playing style. Tippman has been making paintball guns since 1986 and they have always had the reputation of being durable and reliable. This Marker is our base model and come as the default gun, from which you can then upgrade for added fun.

Tippman F-12


Standard, durable and reliable! great for beginners / players who want that trusted feel.

BT Omega


Upgraded for Better Range. Ideal for landing those across field snipe shots. 

Bt-4 E-Trigger


Upgraded frame and full auto. Perfect for those tight times where 1 shot wont cut it.

BT Omega E-Trigger


Upgraded for better range while being full auto. 1 shot / making it rain, you're limitless.

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